INTARAN design’s philosophy emphasizes simplicity, subtlety and a concern for appropriate design solutions in planning, architecture, softscape and hardscape. Our approach to planning, deciding what should occur on the land, is collaborative.

We enjoy working as a team with our clients and other design professionals.

In regard to softscape, appropriate design means being sensitive to the microclimate of the site, using indigenous plants and being environmentally responsible.

In architecture and hardscape, it means being culturally relevant, coherent and respectful. Our approach to landscape and architecture is totally integrated, where the role of each ceases to be a separate agenda and allows for buildings and landscapes to perform as linked interactive systems. It is a question of articulating the relationship between indoor and outdoor space, to achieve unified spatial and programmatic concepts that treat interior and exterior, architecture and landscape as a single element.

As a cross-cultural company, we provide a combination of Western design theory and project management with the characteristically Indonesian sense of proportion, detail and creativity.