Bali, Indonesia

Client: Mr. Triswono Nilam
Operator: Radisson Hotel Group
Site: 2 hectares

Perched high on limestone cliffs overlooking the southern coastline of Bali the resort features 125 rooms, two restaurants, three bars, a dedicated spa, gym, two meeting rooms and beautiful scenic gardens with a large swimming pool.

The contemporary building is designed to respect Balinese architectural traditions in terms of scale, proportion and materials.

A large emphasis was placed on the creation of indoor / outdoor spaces. The goal was to design a unique resort environment that is unmistakably Balinese and at the same time simple, luxurious and modern. The landscape is a ‘bukit-scape’ primarily using trees and shrubs that are indigenous and therefore well suited to the microclimate of the site. The Lontar Palm, indigenous to this coastal area, is used throughout the design, both directly in the landscape and indirectly as a reference in the interior and lighting, through subtle reinterpretation thus becoming the main feature of the property.